Q: Are you a real professor?
A:  Yes. Yes I am. I have been teaching at a community college since 2001 and at a four-year university since 2010.

Q: Why “unlikely”?
A: Well, when I first started teaching, I was just barely 30 years old. Given the community college system, many times that meant I was younger (much younger, in some cases) than many of my students. While that’s not the case now, especially at the four-year institution, where I teach mostly freshmen, that “nickname” stuck with me from my very first year of teaching.

Q:  OK, I get that, but why “unlikely”?
A:  I am a giant, bald, gruff, tattooed biker that played in rock & roll bands for 25 years and has been known to wear shorts & t-shirts to class. Not exactly the kind of guy you expect to see lecturing on the Napoleonic Code.

Q:  Why a blog?
A:  I decided to separate some of my longer form posts from Facebook.  I also feel a blog gives me a little more room to stretch out, literarily speaking, and explore my thoughts about issues in a less reductive format.

Q:  “Reductive”?
A:  Look it up. While you’re at it, look up “redacted,” “redundant” and “redolent.”

Q:  Do you have a website?
A:  Yes.  www.unlikelyprofessor.com – but it’s mostly either about motorcycles or for my students.

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