Millennials aren’t killing the manual transmission – car makers are

We keep throwing around this whole “Millennials are killing” this and that, gnashing teeth, tearing hair, etc. What is it that’s really going on? Is it a fear of losing what we are comfortable with? Or a fear of progress?

When it comes to cars, though, it’s not Millennials killing off the stick shift. It’s the car makers themselves, working hard to fill our passenger vehicles with infotainment systems, climate control systems, heated and air-conditioned seats, lane assist, smart cruise control, side curtain airbags and every other safety feature and creature comfort known to man.

There just isn’t room left for the manual transmission in our head.  If we have to steer, look at the touch screen, talk on the phone, turn on our seat, and manage the kids in the back, there’s just no brain power left to shift gears too.

blur car car interior chrome

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We have brought this upon ourselves by insisting ever more stridently that cars become little mobile homes on wheels.  We want every accommodation known to man or woman in our car – and that’s what is killing off the manual transmission.

Give Millennials a break, or at least blame them for what they’re really killing off – the old ways.