lessons we can learn from the communists in china

A document published in February, which built on one published in 2012 and issued to Communist Party officials in China, recently leaked out.  The much-ridiculed document specifies behavior on the part of CP officials that other CP officials believe is harming the CP’s image with the Chinese people.

According to the order, CP officials should no longer:

  • Suck up to their boss(es)
  • Use jargon in official speeches
  • Act high and/or mighty
  • Smoke in public
  • Pick their teeth in public
  • Steal public money
  • Litter from cars
  • Park illegally
  • Have documents or reports ghost-written
  • Make empty promises to the public
  • Bully people
  • Make people carry things for you
  • Pour tea on the ground from a car
  • Curse
  • Point fingers at people
  • Reply “don’t ask me” when asked a question
  • Attend or hold lavish banquets
  • Attend or hold lavish funerals

Given the lack of basic manners apparent in much of our society these days, I believe we can all learn something from this Chinese Communist Party list of freshly-prohibited behavior.


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