25 most-listened-to albums of 2013

3e8154f3d0164fb9c74d9212c54db126A couple weeks ago I posted the best of which albums I picked up in 2013; this post is just a list of the 25 albums I listened to the most this year according to the number of listens recorded by iTunes.  Given that I listen to music on my phone as well and an iPod too, I might adjust a few of these a spot or two on the list, but it’s pretty darn accurate.

Now if I can just remember to reset the number of plays on 1 January…

  1. John Williams, The Baroque Album
  2. Creedence Clearwater Revival, Chronicle
  3. John Williams, Spanish Guitar Music
  4. Sarah Jarosz, Song Up in Her Head
  5. George Thorogood, Baddest Hits
  6. Cutting Crew, Broadcast
  7. Kingdom Come, In Your Face
  8. Cake, Fashion Nugget
  9. Black Label Society, Stronger Than Death
  10. Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Mind Control
  11. Kingdom Come, Kingdom Come
  12. Josh Fix, Free at Last
  13. Pink Floyd, Animals (2011 remaster)
  14. The Association, Greatest Hits
  15. Leon Redbone, Up a Lazy River
  16. Steve Miller Band, Greatest Hits
  17. Black Sabbath, 13
  18. Michael Hedges, Beyond Boundaries
  19. Nobuki Takamen, From Now On
  20. They Might Be Giants, Flood
  21. Volbeat, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies
  22. The Quill, Tiger Blood
  23. Racer X, Technical Difficulties
  24. Sweet, Action: The Sweet Anthology
  25. Black Tide, Light From Above

As you can see, some of my best-of-2013 albums made the list, but several of them either came out or came into my collection late in the year – which actually makes it all the more impressive that Uncle Acid made the top 25, because I’ve only had that album a couple of months.  Really phenomenal record, that.

I’m clearly obsessed with classic rock, with 6 traditional classic rock bands/albums making the list (although it could be argued that The Association is 60s pop, I’ll include them in the classic rock genre here, as “classic” tends to get attached to anything before about 1980).

Speaking of the 80s, Cutting Crew, Kingdom Come and They Might Be Giants?  Am I still really listening to those albums so much?  YES I AM!!  Broadcast is one of, hands-down, the best pop/rock albums I’ve ever heard. It’s a shame their 2nd album sucked so bad. The two Kingdom Come albums are great driving music, too, and clearly I listen to them a lot.

Metal makes a good showing, with 7 metal albums (and no, I’m not counting Kingdom Come) in the top 25, but what exactly is up with a bluegrass album and TWO classical guitar albums dominating my top 5?  That’s just how I roll.  Sarah Jarosz’s first album is just absolutely wonderful & if you haven’t heard it, you owe yourself a treat – so go get it. Even (or especially) if you don’t like bluegrass, you will love her album. Promise!

In addition to the classical guitar, there’s some other instrumental stuff going on – Michael Hedges (who does sing occasionally) and Nobuki Takamen; NT’s album is excellent and accessible traditional guitar jazz with piano, bass, drums & sax.  Great album & I’m proud to say I helped Nobuki become an American citizen – just a little, but still.

All righty then … I think that’s going to round out my blog posts for 2013.  Enjoy the end of your year & here’s to a fruitful 2014!


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