thumpity thump thump

angryprofWhen you live in an apartment, you have to – as calmly as possible – take the bad with the good, even when the bad is an upstairs neighbor that is very, VERY thumpy at all hours of the day and night.

Including nearly every night past 11 pm.

Well, folks, I have to say that tonight I pretty much had enough. After 3+ months of the thumping, I went upstairs to knock on the door and ask them to please be quiet.

I knocked on the door. Calmly. I stood back far enough so I could be seen through the peep hole. No answer. I knocked again – a bit more insistent but in no way in a fashion that could be considered inappropriate.  I promise, I was being nice. Gentle, even.

I don’t want to come across as an asshole, after all. Plus I have it on good authority that even when I’m not angry, I am intimidating.  So I smiled.

And knocked again.

This time, I heard them lock the deadbolt.  Not understanding entirely why they would do that – after all, I was smiling and knocking politely … but then again, it was nearly 11 pm – I spoke.

“I can hear you in there and I would like to speak to you. Please open the door.”

I could hear talking through the door, but nobody would open it.  Then, behind me a little down the hallway, another apartment’s front door opened.  I turned to see a woman step into the hallway.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Only if you know the people in this apartment,” I said.

“Oh, those are my children,” she said.

We had a not-very-pleasant-yet-still-cordial-and-not-yelling-on-my-part conversation in which I was a bit aggressive and she was quite apologetic.  She spoke to the children on her phone and the noise (which could still be heard through the front door) immediately stopped.

Apparently their family is so large that they have two apartments – the 3BR above mine & a 2BR down the hall.  Most of the kids live in the 3BR and are, apparently, lightly supervised in the evening hours. At least these are her older kids, or so she said.

Two things occurred to me.

  1. For the $3,400+ a month they’re paying in rent for 2 apartments, they could have a really nice house.  I did not voice this sentiment to the woman.
  2. Unsupervised children under the age of 18 alone in an apartment might very well be a violation of some law or another.  This sentiment I did voice to the woman.

After that last bit of the conversation, I said that I did not expect to hear her children through the floor after 10 pm any more and bid her good night.

We’ll see what happens.

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